Greetings, Traveler

About Me

I'm a full-stack software engineer with a specialization in front-end web development, and am currently based in Austin, Texas.

I have a passion for coding, and love creating content for the web.

"But Zeb," you say, "if you're a front-end developer, then why is your website so bland and simple?"

Listen, girlypop, I'm a developer, not a designer.

I can guarantee you there's several nonillion times more creative and artistic vision contained within the bottom-right quadrant of the left testicle of an up antiquark.

That is to say that I am thoroughly incapable of visual creativity.

However, if you give me a design schematic, I can ensure that what I create will be a pixel-perfect match of whatever you provide, no matter the complexity.

Enjoy what I do and want to show your support? Buy me a coffee!